About Mistress Odette

I am an Austin-based Dominatrix.


38″ 27″ 39″


Wavy auburn hair

Green eyes

Size 10 feet

I am an experienced specialist in all aspects of domination, both physical and psychological. I am very careful and involved in my work; I take pride in what I do.  I am not a lifestyle Domina.  Through domination I explore a certain renegade aspect of myself, but I possess many identities outside of the little dark world in which I play.  I am deeply sadistic and enthralled by the art of inflicting pain and torture.  I adore kink and fetish; I love to hear about your aberrant desires and aid you in fulfilling them.  To me, kink is deviant, kink is revolutionary, exciting, enticing and delightful.


“Mistress Odette’s engaging and lighthearted demeanor make her so different from the average domina. She capers around me, teasingly, clearly enjoying herself and gloating at my distress. That impish smile drives me absolutely mad.”

-J. D.

“My Mistress is as beautiful as she is inaccessible. Her endless legs are the epitome of femininity, yet her androgynous cruelty make her a powerful force to be reckoned with.”

-S. F.

“I felt transported, part of another fantasy. My body craved different things than I would have ever expected, my mind went to places I never knew existed. Mistress Odette drew me into a space so dark and deep, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to resurface. Yet at the end of the session She slowly led me back into myself, renewed, transformed.”

-M. R.

“She is insanely versatile. She takes the reigns of the session and I’m never sure what will happen next. I never imagined I’d be into the probing, piercing, and electro of intense medical play, but I trust Her abilities so completely that I simply lay back and submit to Her whims. It’s just not often that you come upon this kind of expertise.”

-S. H.

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